Bryte Light utilize first-to-market technology, offering innovative PoE Lighting & Controls and Smart Building Integration services and solutions to organizations.

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PoE Lighting & Controls

Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is the centralized Internet of Things (IoT) backbone that utilizes apps and software to power connected devices off low voltage Cat5/Cat6 cable. Integrating lighting technology and controls via PoE offers clients a dependable, scalable, and simple IoT platform. And this allows our Bryte Light team to create a lighting and controls solution customized to meet our client’s every need.

The Advantages of PoE

The many advantages of PoE include:

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Smart Building Integration Services & Solutions

PoE takes digital buildings to the next level, delivering seamless integration of the entire building’s ecosystem. Plus, when paired with an open API, the possibilities are almost endless, allowing a plethora of features and integration options. Many integrations fall under these key categories:

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Safety & Security Integrations

There’s an extensive list of safety and security integrations available. Some of the most common safety integrations include alarm systems, such as intruder alarms, fire alarms and sensory alarms that can detect dangerous gases like CO2. Some lighting system integrations offer safety features such as motion-triggered illumination, chase mode lighting, and emergency lighting back-up systems. Access system and video surveillance system integrations help to increase overall safety, keep people and property protected, plus deter theft.

Comfort & Health Integrations

Comfort and health integrations can help make the workplace more enjoyable. Human-centric lighting and HVAC temperature-triggered control integrations can be used to change the lighting and temperature to follow the circadian rhythm of building occupants. Studies have shown these types of integrations to increase employee comfort, productivity, and satisfaction. And UVC disinfection through lighting capabilities can be used to sanitize workspace surfaces and neutralize disease-causing germs.

Asset Tracking & Space Utilization Integrations

Asset tracking and space utilization integrations can be used in various different ways. Beacons can be used to track mobile items and/or devices. They can be attached to an item or device and utilizing a tracking app, the objects can be located. For example, hospitals can use beaconing systems to quickly track equipment that is frequently moved from room to room. And space utilization integrations can be used to promote better use of space. From hot desking, to booking conference rooms, to helping drivers locate the best available parking spot – these integrations all help promote a more efficient use of space.

Audiovisual (A/V) & Entertainment Integrations

A/V and Entertainment integrations can be utilized in a number of ways. Services and solutions can range from installing simple presentation systems for company conference rooms to creating digital signage for businesses, to building complex controlled lighting and sound systems used to entertain, such as those featured in lighting shows. Additionally, the integrations can create a personal touch or preference for each individual user that interacts with it. For example, imagine a complex video conference room that usually takes 15 minutes to get setup to a specific users’ preferences. With integrations, this can now be done seamlessly and automatically just by walking in the room, saving valuable time.

Learn More About Bryte Lights Services & Solutions

If you are interested in learning more about PoE Lighting & Controls, smart building integrations, or any of our other services and solutions, please contact Bryte Light via the website contact form. We would be happy to provide more information on the integrations listed or any others that you might be interested in learning about.