Turn-Key Technology Solution Provider

Bryte Light is a technology provider delivering turn-key solutions to clients throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Our team has more than 35+ years in lighting, controls, and 50+ years in integration experience. We serve commercial and government clients in many vertical markets, including: Healthcare, Hospitality, Education, Fortune 500, Industrial, Class A Office Spaces, and Multi-Family Properties.

Bryte Light and Brycomm Office Building

Bryte Light and BryComm’s Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

PoE Technology: Lighting, Controls, and Automation

Bryte Light leverages Power Over Ethernet (PoE) technology, utilizing apps and software to integrate 3rd party lighting fixtures, controls and connected devices to deliver a state-of-the-art lighting technology solution. Plus, our team can seamlessly integrate additional smart building features and other previously independent ecosystems to deliver real time data, and improved efficiency. We design customized solutions to meet your daily needs, plus technology and automation solutions that will take your digital building to the next level.

Industry Leading Innovative Technology Solutions

By continually innovating and bringing first-to-the-market technology to customers, we are able to continually deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. “We not only believe in technology from an owner or user perspective,” says Cory Brymer, RCDD, President and CEO, “we wanted to walk the walk and be pioneers with innovative technologies”.  That’s why we implemented smartengine, a forward-thinking PoE solution when building out the company’s new headquarters in Austin, TX. Our company not only stands by our technology, we run the business off of it too.

Exceeding Expectations

But cutting-edge technology alone doesn’t build a stellar reputation. Accountability and relationships are the cornerstone of Bryte Light’s success. We are proud to have an exceptional client retention rate and a reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction. Most of our new business comes from glowing references and referrals from clients.

Learn More About Bryte Light

If you are interested in learning more about Bryte Light or have questions about our customized lighting, controls, and automation technology solutions, connect with our team to start a conversation.