Cutting-Edge Smart Building
Design & Technology Solutions

Cutting-Edge Smart Building
Design & Technology Solutions

Bryte Light designs, builds and maintains cutting-edge, innovative technology. We provide organizations customized services and solutions that are reliable, secure, and agile. Our turn-key services are designed to solve today’s challenges while providing the flexibility required to support technologies of the future. Our customized solutions grow with your organization.

Leveraging PoE, a leading-edge IoT Infrastructure for Smart Buildings

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology, delivering power and data over a unified network. A centralized Internet of Things (IoT) network infrastructure, it connects technology and intelligent building solutions that allow businesses and organizations to operate more efficiently than ever.

PoE is the backbone that supports intelligent applications and enables integration. Any system with an open protocol, or API, can communicate, creating even more opportunity and third-party integrations and automations. It provides the ideal foundation to build innovative technology services and solutions on.

Featured Services

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PoE Lighting & Controls –
Design and Installation Services

Bryte Light provides building owners fully integrated, end-to-end, network-powered lighting systems. Our solutions installed on a PoE technology infrastructure leverages IoT integrations for intelligent system control. This can reduce energy consumption and costs, increase efficiency, plus provide more meaningful and useful data. It also allows for customizable environments, providing more personalized workspaces, and increased productivity.

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Smart Building Integration and Automation Systems

Bryte Light offers design and implementation services that not only include PoE Lighting & Controls but deliver seamless integration of the entire building’s ecosystem. Plus, as an open API platform, we can offer an extensive list of features and integrations.

Smart Building Automation Systems (BAS) utilizes real time data and key metric analytics to connect formerly independent systems. It then integrates the controls required to operate a building and combines all of this information into an easy-to-use dashboard. This allows businesses to operate at an unprecedented level of efficiency.

Industries We Serve

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Technology Industry Leaders

We are proud of our reputation for reliability, customer satisfaction, and for delivering cutting-edge technology solutions. We have an exceptional client retention rate, and the majority of our new business comes from client referrals. This has allowed the company to grow exponentially in recent years.

Innovation in Action: Our Austin, TX Based Headquarters (HQ) HUB

We have a proven track record of success in paving the way forward in our industry. That’s because we know it’s not enough to “talk the talk”, we have to “walk the walk” too. We wanted to be pioneers, and it’s why we built our Austin, TX based company headquarters using PoE Lighting & Controls, one of the solutions we offer.

Adopting this technology from an owner perspective serves us tremendous advantages. As a forward-thinking solution, the PoE is the central nervous system of our building, supporting our state-of-the-art facility and one of the most efficient lighting technology solutions on the market. It’s an environmentally friendly technology that has allowed us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The open infrastructure of makes our HQ HUB future-proof. It provides peace of mind, knowing that it can be easily adapted to integrate with future technologies.

Are you interested in seeing PoE Lighting & Controls technology in action? Would you like to learn more about its capabilities? Schedule an appointment to visit our Austin HQ HUB to see this innovative technology in action.